How Tradebank works for the Advertising Industry

The advertising industry and barter are practically synonymous. Tradebank alleviates the cumbersome nature of managing direct barter transactions. As a Tradebank client, you are able to take full benefit of trading excess inventory without all the hassles associated with one-on-one barter. Furthermore, you are able to keep your sales staff concentrating on generating cash business and focused on client retention. In a tight economy when less and less is being spent in advertising. Tradebank provides our clients with the financial resources to keep their name in the marketplace. From the media’s perspective you are still able to do business with those companies who have rejected your cash proposals.

As a Tradebank client, our barter professionals act as your purchasing agent when you need to acquire products and services. This non-traditional revenue enables you to purchase advertising specialties, printing, property maintenance, office equipment, signs, banners, fine dining, entertainment and all the other products and services that “just aren’t in the budget”.

As a Tradebank client you have an alternate revenue source, and most importantly, someone outside your staff to focus on barter, allowing you to reap the benefits of barter without distracting you or your staff from making cash sales.