How Tradebank works for the Travel Industry

“Empty hotel rooms mean lost revenue. I can’t operate without revenue. Tradebank brings in the additional revenue I need to improve my cash flow and still acquire the products and services I need.”

Roshan Patel
President, Kasandas Properties, LLC
Owner of Comfort Suites with multiple locations in Georgia and Florida

Every empty hotel room or timeshare is revenue lost forever. Overhead expenses continue, however there is no going back or making up the void and reclaiming the lost income. Tradebank’s barter professionals assist you in maintaining maximum occupancy without resorting to deep discounting.

As a Tradebank client you are able to turn empty space into valuable purchasing power for everything from advertising to renovations to employee incentives.

Patel explains, “I am always looking for ways to conserve cash. As a Tradebank client I see new guests at my hotels and with that additional revenue I purchase printing, roofing, outdoor lighting, dry cleaning, landscaping, and will be using Tradebank to renovate my new hotel. I think everyone in the hospitality industry should include Tradebank in their business plan.”