How Tradebank works for the Retail Industry


Retailers in today’s market face competition not only from other independent local retailers, but also corporate big box stores.

As a Tradebank client you add a powerful marketing arm to your company which guarantees to bring you new customers in addition to providing an avenue for you to move your idle inventory. The new customers you receive will be existing Tradebank clients who will bypass your competition to do business with you through Tradebank along with the powerful word-of-mouth recommendations that Tradebank customers represent. These additional customers generate new incremental barter revenue above and beyond your current customers that can be used to fund advertising expenditures and reduce overhead expenses.

In the retail environment, business owners have a bevy of ongoing overhead expenses such as building & property maintenance, health care and employee incentives, in addition to advertising and marketing concerns. As a Tradebank client you can cover many of your business and personal expenditures using revenue generated from new Tradebank sales as opposed to depleting your cash resources, thus improving your business cash flow and increasing your cash profits.

Speak with a Tradebank representative and see how to tailor a barter strategy to improve your sales and profits.